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A business infrastructure – wherein you are dealing with a number of inventory items – requires a robust mechanism that can manage the entire elements properly flawlessly. It could be the large amount or just some items. In such a case, there is need of the tracking of the inventory. You or the bookkeeper associated with you can make use of the QuickBooks for the storage of the inventory information and also for the adjustment of the inventory counts as well as the value based on the present market.

You have the option to count inventory on a regular basis and in case of any change, it need to mention in the financial records. There is no need of the tax payment on the inventory that has not been done by you.

This is the reason you have to take the regular count always and do the adjustment of the records as and when necessary. With the help of QuickBooks, the process of the adjustments can be easy and in case of any further clarifications in this process,  QuickBooks POS Phone Support is a solution for the effective guidance that can lead to the satisfaction.

The procedure

You can choose the Lists or Vendors. Under the lists, you can choose the items or the Inventory activities under Vendors. Now after this, you can select Adjust quantity/value in hand. This you have to do in the drop down list beneath the Lists or Vendors. Now, you enter the particular date that was made by the physical count of inventory. Now, choose the inventory item like the expense amount from the list of adjustments opened by you. This is the account selected by you for tracking the inventory decline.

Now, identify the customer job as well as class in case applicable and you need to do this from the drop down list. Any clarification can be done in case you contact  QuickBooks Phone Service Support Number and shall be a genuine guidance. Moving further, in the column by the name New Qty, you can type in the new physical count or can also enter new value in the column named Qty Difference and by doing this; QuickBooks shall calculate for you the adjusted quantity.

Value adjustment  

You can go to the box by the name Value Adjustment and in case you are interested in seeing the enlarged version of the open window, but this is not important for changing or adjusting the inventory. In the New Qty, you have to make the entry of the new count and can do this if you are making use of the expanded way for the value adjustments. By this, you shall be permitted to mark down the items as there is a decrease in the market value.  QuickBooks POS Online Tech Support is a fine option for removing the doubts or any obstacles related to the process.

Going further, make use of the Memo text box for writing the short description or a note of what has been done by you or the person involved in counting the inventory or other notes as necessary. You can tap on the button by the name Save and Close or Save and New for the recording of the revisions.

Some tips

It is a good notion to keep the correct inventory records and take the inventory of the supplies on regular basis may be once in a month. You have the option to give the taxes on inventory on a yearly basis and by this; you are not going to have just the correct amount but also the correct value. You are permitted to record the lower of the purchase price or the fair market value of inventory goods. Make sure that you are taking the benefit of this when you keep the books and do the taxes. 

 Tracking the inventory is also a fine way for keeping you updated about the sales and have to make it sure that the sales records are correct. In case the inventory is small or large as per the receipts of the sale, you have the option to track the discrepancies or else, can make the suitable adjustments. By this, you shall also be able to trace the theft regarding the merchandise in case any.

By making the use of mobile apps, you shall be in a position to have an access to the Quickbooks account at any point of time and from anywhere and this, you can do by using the apps of IOS and android. By the help of the online bank integration, you get the facility of automatic download of the banking transactions and their further classification to the expense categories and by this; there is virtual termination of reconciliation errors. QuickBooks financial software is in great demand around the world and one cannot deny this fact.

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