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888-846-6939-Set Up QuickBooks Enterprise to Use ODBC Mechanism for Exporting Data

If you have a glance at the applications of QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software suite, you will hardly find any element in the accounting software suite that stand out to be beside the point. You can give an edge to the accounting task and make it smooth and convenient in accordance with your business requirements. It is not merely confined to generating invoices, deposits, tracking financial transactions, sending invoices, and other; rather QuickBooks Enterprise can also help you create an accurate report and take them to the Microsoft Office application so as to generate additional reports on the financial transactions in your business.

When it comes to exporting data and other information to the Microsoft Office applications, there appear some sorts of challenges that may come across while executing the exercise. To help the users prevail over all the possible challenges, QuickBooks supports the ODBC, also termed as Open Data Base Connectivity. It is an advanced platform that has been designed to allow the users to get an access to database through Structured Query Language (SQL) Call-Level Interface.
QuickBooks Enterprise makes it possible and convenient for the users to export the data or other information to Microsoft applications. To get the things in place, you need to set up your QuickBooks Enterprise in such a way that it can work flawlessly with ODBC perfectly.

Where you can export your data files:

With the QuickBooks integrated with ODBC mechanism, you can easily take your data files across the Microsoft Office applications directly from your QuickBooks accounting suite. The allowed Microsoft programs may comprise of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, or Crystal Reports, Filemaker, Alpha, QlikView, Python or .Net.
You can create a custom report on the financial transactions using the tool without any technical obstacles.

What if you don’t know the technical terms?

There is no need to get worried if you are not aware of the technical terms. You are not alone here to experience the problem; so many users go through the same issue. On the other hand, you should avoid trying the process on your own, as the possibility of data file corruption is always on high.
If you have important files and information on the QuickBooks, then be careful and apply only those measures that can help you get the ODBC driver configured easily. Contact  Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Online Technical Help and a get a real time solution.

Here are some important steps that you can consider while setting up your QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC driver:

·        Open QuickBooks and go to the Utilities in Menu bar
·        It opens up a drop down option, select "Configure ODBC"
·        Select "Use the Company File That's Now Open in QuickBooks"
·        type "QuickBooks ODBC Data Connection" in the data source field
·        Turn on "Test Connection to QuickBooks" option, click Apply and then OK button
·        Go to the Message section, and then select "Detail Tracing (Slow)"
·        Turn on "Display Optimizer Status Panel" and "Display Driver Status Panel" options
·        Now go to the Optimizer tab and make sure the path of Optimizer has ODBC folder
·        Select the option "The Last Time I Pressed One of the Load Data Buttons" and click Apply to allow QuickBooks to configure the driver
Once after following the points mentioned above, you can now wait for a while until QuickBooks install the driver and configure the same so as to use Microsoft Office application.

The process is no longer immune to technical challenges – you should always be prepared to face all conditions with the help of experienced technicians. Don’t overlook any technical problem or symptoms, because the problem is always there to disturb the entire procedure.
The moment you see a symptom, contact a technician and get a real time  Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Service Canada to address the issue instantly.

How to select a right technician in case of any technical problem:

When it comes to selecting a professional for technical solutions, you need to be quite careful for all the time. You need to ensure you are selecting a right professional who has an extended experience and expertise to help you install the driver in your QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop accounting suite.

Before you start choosing a technician, you need to understand what credentials do a technician holds to enable your QuickBooks Enterprise with ODBC mechanism. To select a better and more quickly, you dial  Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Service Help Phone Number and choose your preferred technician as per your business need.

There are some independent tech support service providers are available with their expertise to help you get a real time solution for all the tasks and possible issues. On the other hand, you can also access official Intuit help page to get a comprehensive customer support from different sources such as user guide, community pages, email chat, and others.    

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