Wednesday, 23 November 2016

An Informational QuickBooks Enterprise Guide: Writing Checks Vs Paying Bills to Your Vendors

QuickBooks is all about convenience in business accounting – and this is the main reason why small businesses prefer adopting the mechanism so as to ensure the utmost accuracy in their financial transactions. Not confined to recording the In & Out of revenues in your business; rather you can use the mechanism for a wide-ranging requirements in your business.

Among the available benefits in the accounting software suite, making payment for something to your vendors is somehow more interesting and convenient especially for the moment when you have a number of vendors to be paid off. With every passing year, Intuit keeps on adding advanced tools and applications to the QuickBooks Enterprise so as to make the task effortless and flawless as well. Be careful, technical problems are potentially about to take place at any point in time – no matter how many employees and vendors you have added.

Note: before you start the payment process through your preferred mode, you should always make sure you have a direct access to reliable tech support service provider. As a small ignorance can have a severe outcome over the payment cycle, you should never let any odd symptoms pass over in any condition. You would better visit QuickBooks Enterprise customer service webpage to get help recording bill payment and writing checks or you may directly call to QuickBooks enterprise 2016 support team for online help.     

How many modes are there to make payment?

QuickBooks offers mainly two modes of payment that you can use to pay your vendors or customers: writing checks and paying bills. But these two procedures are carried out through different procedures. Before you select a particular one, it is necessary to go through the involved process that you have to furnish.

Basically, you need to gather some basic information about the individuals or vendors you are going to pay for the services or product. It includes account number, customers’/vendors’ name, service or product information, transaction detail, and some other information. The moment you enter the information, QuickBooks will prompt a window asking you to provide the information in concerned fields. For a better and more transparent transaction, you can also add even additional info to the record field.

Here in this process, you may possibly come across some sorts of technical challenges. But you don’t need to get worried as reliable technical support services are just a phone call away. You can get QuickBooks Enterprise support phone number here for phone help service on writing checks and paying bills in QuickBooks. Dial the number and get a real time solution.

You can manage your payment in following two ways:

Writing checks

Go to the “Write Checks” window and provide the amount that you have to pay. The official experts recommend for this process when you don’t have the bill. For example, you will not find the bill always for your purchase. And if you write a check for the same and want to update it into your QuickBooks Enterprise, you can give the details in this window to record the expense.  

It is worth noting that the method can best be used only when you make use accrual accounting method in your business.

Paying Bills

It is used when you receive the bill. Go to the Enter Bill window and provide the amount that you have to pay. And if the payment is due to be paid off, you can go to the Pay Bills window to specify the amount. It is basically used to schedule a payment reminder in the QuickBooks Enterprise solution. And it is later added to your reports highlighting those vendors you owe money for the product or services.

What if you record a bill payment?

Checks: Your QuickBooks Enterprise will generate checks for every vendor or customer and it will automatically be recorded in the Check Registry with BILLPMT.
Credit card: The software contains information over the charges due for every vendor in your credit card details.

Cash: You can see all the cash records in Cash Account Register on your QuickBooks Enterprise.

Online Payment: QuickBooks Enterprise creates a separate payment instructions especially for the online payments. You can also find the records of every transaction in the Check Register with BILLPMT label. 

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